Diego Dougherty’s Novel: a literary phenomenon

Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” was destined for greatness and this was something the author knew from the moment he finished writing it.

For Diego Dougherty there was no better way of self-expression than though words and that’s why he spent hours sitting on the couch at home, with just a pencil and paper in hand. So, when he decided to study Language and Literature at the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala, he polished his literary gifts.

As soon as he got his degree, he didn’t hesitate to sit down and write the novel that would make him a famous author.

Diego Dougherty’s novel: at the peak of success

That’s how Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” was born. His story took place in Pretoria, South Africa, but this wasn’t the only amazing detail, it was also the twists and turns of death, betrayal and love.

All of these elements made Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” an immediate success. Thousands of readers enjoyed it to the fullest, and it resonated to widely that soon enough is was adapted to the small screen in Latin America.

It premiered in Argentina and other countries in the continent in 2004, exceeding all expectations and achieving the highest ratings. Once more, Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” was giving people something to talk about.

Diego Dougherty: on top of the world

The TV adaptation of Diego Dougherty’s novel starred Agustin Rivero and Laura Cazenave, and their talent landed them nominations to the Martin Fierro Awards that same year.

Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” was unprecedented. It captured thousands and readers and viewers and it allowed the author to taste success like never before.

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