Brush Up Your Knowledge of Roman Mythology Because Sicily is a Mystical Land Worth Visiting

Sicily tourist attractions are full of ancient treasures from the old world. You can find timeless temples from Ancient Greece and well-preserved villas during the Roman Empire Era, and a couple of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, too. 

Discover highlights of European art and natural wonders, such as Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, in Sicily. And don’t forget about the beaches, Mediterranean food, local culture, and spirited people. 

Unravel the best things to do in Sicily with our top list. 

Visit Roman-Grecian temples, ruins, and villas 

If you’re in Sicily, make a beeline towards historic monuments and archaeological ruins. Rent a car and visit the towns of Taormina and Castelmola and marvel at their baroque facades. You can find Taormina’s Greek Amphitheater preserved throughout the centuries. 

The Valley of Temples: This UNESCO-listed archaeological park is home to seven temples namely the Temple of Juno, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Heracles, Temple of Demeter and Persephone, Temple of Vulcan and Temple of Asclepius. 

Noto is the renovated site for the ancient mountain city of Netum which was destroyed during the 17th century. It has a range of attractions such as the Cavagrande del Cassibile Nature Reserve, Vendicari Nature Reserve, and historical towns of Modica and Ragusa. 

Villa Romana del Casale: What lies more than there is, but the most complex mosaics from the Roman Empire. The Villa is a UNESCO World Heritage site abandoned after the 12th century. 

Temples of Selinunte: Perhaps one of the largest temples in Sicily, Selinunte has eight temples that date back from the 5th Century BC. You can find some monumental remains sprawling around the complex. 

Syracuse and the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis: You can find one of the largest theaters in the ancient world when you visit the archaeological park in Syracuse. It dates back from the 3rd century BC and you can see the quarries where the building stone was used. 

Ride to your top destinations in Sicily 

Going to Sicily but finding ways to maximize the amount of time and things to see? Discovering the city by car is the best way to enjoy the historical sights and outdoor ventures. You can rent online and have the car pickup at the Catania Airport for as low as $30 up to $70. 

Before driving one, car rental companies require an international driving permit as required by law if you plan to rent a vehicle. What’s more, drivers need to be in a legal age to drive the car. 

Go for a nature trail 

Sicily has tons of reserves, parks, and gardens teeming with life. There are a couple of seaside scenic views worth visiting to glance upon their clear, turquoise waters. But, not everything’s all calm, you can trail upon the fiery beauty of volcanic landscapes in this city. 

Mt. Etna: The city’s active volcano hovers on the Sicilian landscape with its omniscient silhouette. You can take a hike or ride a funicular to reach the fiery mountain. It’s an experience one shouldn’t miss! 

Scala Dei Turchi: The Scala Dei Turchi is a cliff made of limestones famous for its carved steps. You can always wind the day watching the sunset here. 

The Aeolian Islands: This group of volcanic islands is collectively part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island of Vulcano is popular for its mud baths, scenic landscapes, beaches, and thermal hot springs. 

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