Train ticket to Frankfurt – Living delightful experiences in Germany

Buy a train ticket to Frankfurt which is the federal state of Hesse most important city and also, it is considered the international metropolis for excellence in Germany. Located in a valley below the northern Taunus Hills, it is in the middle of the “Rhine-Main” region. From its beginnings, by the 12th century, it was a center of commerce in Europe and in its early years the markets attracted people from the Baltic and Mediterranean countries.

Although Frankfurt is seen like the financial center of the nation; while concentrating large capital and investments in terms of transport, we must not leave aside the tourist aspect and take the time to explore the city. This way you can enjoy rewarding experiences, such as interesting museums, renowned shopping malls, world-class operas and some charming neighborhoods as Nordend and Bockenheim.

This is among the most visited cities in Germany. It has one of the greatest positions in the economy and development not only inside the country but also in Europe. Additionally, it offers a more open and traditional facet, evident in its delicious gastronomy. Amid the favorite tourist activities are to go shopping, since the metropolis bids you from the exclusive boutiques to the popular department stores in Zeil and the inevitable flea market on the River Meno banks.

The nocturnal life is exciting. Many of the bars of Frankfurt offer live music, but the one that excels is jazz. These establishments are open to the public until 1 am during the weekdays, unlike the weekends that close later.

If you are more inclined to serene activities visit the Museumsufer, German name for the riverside of the museums. It is an outstanding touristic, artistic and cultural zone with diverse and fascinating art centers. This area was conceived in the 80s, when many houses and historical buildings were restructured while maintaining their initial architecture.

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